We are the proud parents of Fira, a female pup who was born from the Gina/Vito litter in August 2011.  We decided to purchase a puppy from Liliani Cane Corso after about a year of researching breeds and breeders.   Our first visit was strictly to meet them and get further information about the breed as we were undecided whether this breed was right for us. 

After meeting the Liliani team and their adult dogs we knew that this was the breed and breeder for us.  They were able to answer all of our questions (and we had a lot) and they had all the right answers.   The temperament of the dogs was great, which was an initial concern after visiting other breeders and their dogs.  They also made us feel very comfortable and we knew we could always count on them in the future to answer any questions we may have. 

Fira has been a really good puppy and we couldn’t be happier.  We were amazed at how quickly she learned new things.  We gave her a lot of rules early on and she has really thrived with discipline.  She is also amazing with children, and other dogs.  

We strongly recommend Liliani if considering a Cane Corso and we look forward to adding another Liliani puppy to our family in a few years.  

Daryl & Niki Groulx  -  Brantford, ON (2011 Gina x Vito Pup)Type your paragraph here.

We cannot say enough good things about Susan & Liliani – we were on a waitlist for our little Crosby (not so little anymore now that he’s 9 months old…), and Susan provided us with almost weekly updates on the status of Gina and when she was going through heat, and when she was implanted and how that process worked.  When she got pregnant, we were sent picture updates every week as well…and the night Gina went into labor, we got quite a few updates (with pictures!) which was so exciting as we had been waiting for so long.   
Luckily, we were near the top of the waitlist so we pretty much had our pick of the litter…..and ended up choosing our fawn boy, not only because of how darn cute he was, but because of how Susan described his personality and temperament – and she was not wrong!  He’s the best dog ever.  Crosby got shipped to us to the YVR airport in October, and the process was pretty seamless – he had a little accident in his crate on the plane, but he was happy and sweet and didn’t seem scared at all when he first met us, despite just getting off a big loud plane.  Susan was fantastic during the first few months that we had him, and always answered our (numerous!) email questions within a few hours or less.  Our first obedience trainer even commented that we “obviously worked with a fantastic breeder” when we talked about our experience. Cros just turned 9 months old and, although he’s been a lot of work, he’s honestly the best dog either one of us have ever owned.  We just finished our third round of obedience classes and he’s the smartest dog in class.  He’s also gorgeous, and we get stopped on the street wherever we go, so people can comment on him and pet him.  He’s SO friendly (with people and other dogs and cats), happy, calm and super smart – we are enamored with him J We’ve kept in contact with a few other “parents” from Crosby’s litter and they are all just as happy with their puppies as we are.  Jannelle

After alot of research and visiting different breeders I met Liliani and the rest is history. Their knoelwdge of the breed is second to none and they are great people to deal with. Their dogs speak for themselves and are truly the best corsos I have ever seen with amazing structure and temperment. I recomend anyone to get a corso from Liliani, I have been nothing but happy with my experience with them.

Jonathan/Ontario. (2011 Leilah x Hawk Pup)

Ever since we first met them, we had a good sense that they (Susan, Mike and Amanda) were honest, forthright, genuine and generally caring about us as new Cane Corso owners and take great pride in their dogs and they are well cared for.  God knows Susan received many emails from me during Gina’s pregnancy with our pup Lira (now 1 ½ years old and 95 lbs) and bless her she responded to all of them with lots of information and patience.  Every time we visited to check up on Gina or to visit our pup after she was born, you could just see the beaming in Mike’s eyes.  He is so proud of Gina and loves her very much.  Amanda is the quiet one.  Because we were undecided about which female to take, we asked Amanda for her opinion.  She, knowing the puppies and knowing what we were looking for, made a recommendation.  We took her up on her advice and have never looked back.  She was bang on.  We are so impressed with the communication, attention and information sharing over the last year and a half.I can’t tell you how lucky we feel to have met Susan, Mike and Amanda.  They truly do love their dogs and puppies.  You can’t go wrong with the quality of pup that you will get.  Our Lira is fantastic.  We didn’t get Lira’s ears done.  She was the only one from her litter that didn’t.  It was a topic of great discussion.  We are not going to show her although we think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Kim and Dave Oro, Ontario (2010 Gina x Vito Pup) J (I Susan have to add a post script here. Our dear dear Kim came to be know to us affectonally as 'Kan I Kome Again Kim'.... Living close, and holding her breath waiting for her pup to be ready to take home, she was a welcome, weekly visitor.....hahaha To know her is to love her to death!! And we almost did. hahaha. Thank you for being you Kim. Lira is a doll - like her mom!!)

This is our Odi (aka Odin) our Big Blue 120lbs Lap Dog that we got from Liliani.  Our experience with Liliani Cane Corso has been nothng but Amaxng.  Susan, Mike and Amanda are not only er knowledgeable on the Cane Corso, but breed a GREAT companion.  Odi has a Temperament that can't be matched. Every where we go it is the # 1 compliment we get. He i als quite the Guard Dog. Every morning we go for a Hike on the Trails. He always is making sure we are safe and greets strangers (on our comman) with a wiggle. We have another dog, Amiga a 6 year old Doberman. They are the best of pals!   There is no doubt in my mind that we will be Corso Lovers for Life and loyal customers to the Liliani Cane Corso Family. Odin has been highly socialized with basic training and receives daily exercise, he is a dream dog and not an enemy out there. If your considering a Cane Corso i highly suggest Liliani Cane Corso, you wont be disappointed. 

We just LOVE our ODI!! Alex n Bailey - Pickering Ontario


Our first visit to Liliani was a wonderful experience.   It was our first encounter with the Cane Corso.  We were introduced to 9 puppies and met several of the adult dogs.  We currently have a German Sheppard and we were considering one day adding a second dog to our family.  We instantly fell in love with the Cane Corso. 

Mike, Susan, and Amanda were extremely knowledgeable and were there to answer all of our questions regarding the Cane Corso. 

A week later we were back and selected our new puppy. Since that time, Susan has always been available to answer any questions that we have had regarding raising our puppy. 

Ron and Hindi (2011 Maxine x Brutus Pup)